My First 12c

three days later and i'm back out in the red. 

sport route difficulty is graded differently than bouldering, so i don't really know what my limit is right now. i've got a vague idea, though. in my opinion, grades are incredibly subjective and can vary based on numerous factors: outdoor or indoor, length, types of moves, and types of climbing holds (crimps, slopers, pinches, etc.). 

after warming up in secret garden, we headed over to the monastery to hop on middle path (12c). with some rough lil' crimps, two large moves (the first and second crux) and the final task of clipping the chains while being super pumped out, this route was tough.

after a fierce battle, i sent it, or at least my definition of what an outside send is. was it pretty or graceful? not exactly, but i made it to the top with only a few whips; my first time whipping on lead to be exact. this route was extremely fun and i will definitely be returning in the future to do a clean run now that i know the beta.