2019 Goals

so i’ve never actually done this but i read it somewhere that if you write down your goals you’re more likely to complete them. so here it goes.

  1. travel. you’ve got a valid passport. you’ve got some money. go some places.

  2. start writing your book. you’re writing it in your head and it’s going somewhere. your idea is so much clearer than where you began. putting it down on paper does not finalize it. write.

  3. earn your delta. and then some. race your heart out and have fun. good luck on those back-to-back trifecta weekends.

  4. film stuff. you need content to make your documentary so just film everything. too much footage is better than too little. don’t get in your head about it not turning out the way you envisioned it.

  5. send 5.13. you’re strong. others have faith in you. enjoy the season and work hard for your victory whip.

  6. do whatever it takes to be proud of what you create. this one is important. don’t be afraid to let go of the things tying you down to better the things that make you fly. you don’t have to carry other people’s worlds on your shoulders. you have people behind you to support you when you make these tough decisions.

  7. take care of your mental health. take a break. take a nap. don’t stretch yourself thin. cry sometimes. feel sad. accept sadness. you don’t have impress anyone. you don’t have to carry other people’s worlds on your shoulders.

  8. create stuff that’s ‘good enough.’ it doesn’t need to be perfect because i’m telling you now that you’ll never get there. make sure it’s the best thing you can create with what you have at your disposal.

  9. nolite te bastardes carborundorum. have a good year and have a good one after that.