I Was In A Disney Movie

okay, so i wasn't in an actual disney movie, but it was pretty damn magical. 

her favorite movie is Tangled so why would she not be the one i take to a lantern festival? no words can ever describe the emotions i felt while we launched our lanterns into the sky. and yeah, i'm sure it's not exactly environmentally friendly, but it was worth going to at least once.

you never think something can happen the way it does in the movies, but it did. 

okay, so the lanterns aren't easy to get in the air. instead of flying up, they fly sideways and hit anything in their path. you spend so much time trying to get yours in the air that you don't realize the marvel occurring around you. in Tangled, it starts with one, slowly floating up towards the heavens. then a few more and cut to a wide shot, the sky is filled with impromptu stars. even in the movie it's so beautiful and spectacular and you can't help but stand there gawking at it. 

none of the photos or video i took will be able to do it justice, but they'll definitely help in remembering the magic.