SHOT TALK is a YouTube series that was created as a way to block out time each week to make a video. 

Midway through the first year of my short-lived college career, it dawned on me that though my return to home would be a mental relief, it would also mean the end to the commitment-less schedule as I would be dedicating a majority of my time to my summer job. When would I ever have time to eat, sleep, work, and make a video? And then I realized that as a transgender man, I'm obligated to inject myself with testosterone until the end of time to ensure that my hormone levels remain balanced. This was a predestined block of time in my schedule that would occur weekly. So why not use that time to kill two birds with one stone and make a video as well?

Now more than 20 episodes in, SHOT TALK has a broadened span of topics ranging from personal life updates to controversial topics such as YouTube's policies and the deeply-thought mental thoughts that plague my mind. While there's no foreseeable end for SHOT TALK, I assume that the series will continue so long as I have a camera and passion to make a weekly video.