Hell's DMV

Hell's DMV

Congratulations! You've died. Welcome to Hell's DMV, or more accurately, purgatory.

Hell's DMV revolves around the questions "what if the universe had a human resources department?" and "what if the Grim Reaper were the manager?" I welcome you to Gateway Services, your one-stop place before continuing your journey beyond. 

The idea for Hell's DMV was inspired by a Tumblr post that peaked more curiosities than usual. I'm currently writing the very first draft, which is more like getting my ideas on paper and exploring the world of Gateway Services. Slowly but surely, a plot line is forming and I'm getting a sense of where my story starts and where it's headed. It'll be very messy, but once the first draft is complete, I'll be posting it here as well as any other revisions.

Feel free to read the current drafts and revisions here:

Brainstorming/Thought Drafting
Rough Draft
Blue Revisions
Pink Revisions
Locked Draft