Playback is a product of a screenwriting challenge I participated in last year.

For the challenge, I was given specific criteria that I had to include in my screenplay. All screenplays had to be 5 pages or less (not including the title page) as well as be written and submitted within 48 hours after the round started. For this round, I had to write a thriller with a beach cottage as a primary location and a banana had to physically appear somewhere in the story.

Playback is inspired by elements from Inception, Black Mirror’s White Bear, and Black Mirror’s White Christmas and focuses on the concept of a program to solve crimes that do not have any witnesses. It plays on the idea of memories betraying us and in this instance, convicting us.

Logline: Marooned on the recesses of his memory, Jonathan learns there are much more dangerous things hidden away.

Taking the feedback I received into account, I will be returning to Playback in the future for revisions. At the moment, I’m not planning to extensively expand it as I believe it exists well as a short.

Rough Draft
Blue Revisions
Pink Revisions
Locked Draft