Tulips On A Sunday Evening

Tulips is an original short screenplay I've been drafting and revising over the last 6 months. 

The story focuses on Evan "Obi" Sampson and the relationship between him and his best friend, Lucy Croix. Throughout the story, the relationship teeters on the edge between platonic and romantic and I leave it up to the audience to determine what it is. 

Feel free to read the current drafts and revisions here:

Rough Draft
Blue Draft
Pink Draft
Locked Draft

UPDATE 7/5/2018:

As of today, Tulips is in its locked-draft status and is being peer reviewed. 

UPDATE 8/22/18:

Many changes have happened to the script including a title change! I sent it off to be reviewed by some professionals and they gave me some really incredible feedback. So now we're back to peer reviews (did we ever really leave?).

In this new draft, I asked myself a lot of questions and hopefully answered them. There are three main things that I wanted to accomplish in the new draft: Lucy doesn't know she's dead, Lucy's death was traumatic enough for Evan that he's not aware she's dead, and I wanted to introduce a stronger sibling relationship between Evan and Alice.