chairs | louisville

imagine: two well-dressed, high class people walking home when they come across four glorious, abandoned recliners.

this shoot was the second shoot where i had a full, conceptualized idea about the theme and colors i wanted to emanate. the location was too awesome not to jump in and be a model myself.

color: earth tones (blue, green, tan)
look: industrial, abandoned
conversation: contrast, class

photography by KADEN QUINN and Ruby Lestrange
model ruby, jonah, cat

thanks for sharing this location with me, doc

the rose collection

february 2018

in february, blofish clothing dropped their rose collection, including their popular maroon scoop. this shoot was not only one of my favorite shoots thus far, but i also got to model in it! 

photography by KADEN QUINN
model sunny, sheridan, kit, devan, cat
wardrobe from blofish clothing



cat | love is love

february 2018

when your social media manager asks for pictures, you provide. 

it's amazing what you can accomplish by yourself when you've got some lighting and a camera. this was a quick little shoot i did in store, featuring the LOVE IS LOVE shirt and rose collection. 

photography by KADEN QUINN
model cat
wardrobe from blofish clothing