kate | louisville

after many years of talking about it, i finally got to shoot with you!

this was a super easy-going and fun shoot and a great break from the stress that had been plaguing me at the time. i edited half of this set in black and white because i thought the emotion had a stronger communication with the redaction of color.

photography by KADEN QUINN
model kate


chairs | louisville

imagine: two well-dressed, high class people walking home when they come across four glorious, abandoned recliners.

this shoot was the second shoot where i had a full, conceptualized idea about the theme and colors i wanted to emanate. the location was too awesome not to jump in and be a model myself.

color: earth tones (blue, green, tan)
look: industrial, abandoned
conversation: contrast, class

photography by KADEN QUINN and Ruby Lestrange
model ruby, jonah, cat

thanks for sharing this location with me, doc

ruby | red

a sam meyer’s cleaners recently went out of business in my neighborhood and when i saw that the light up sign was on the ground, i immediately knew i had to shoot with it. i had a feeling it wouldn’t be there for long so i called up my friend and we shot the next day. spoiler alert: the sign’s still there.

this is my very first shoot where i had a conceptualized idea of how i wanted the shoot to look. this shoot was also shot entirely through a brown, plastic grocery bag!

color: red, gold
look: grunge, decrepit; superstar
conversation: duality, contrast

photography by KADEN QUINN
model ruby

gabriel | louisville

gabriel is an in-house massage therapist at climb nulu! he just started offering cupping to his clients and asked me to take some pictures of the service, along with his space. 

photography by KADEN QUINN
model gabriel

meaghan | louisville

during the springtime, small yellow flowers bloom all over cherokee park. there is a specific group of secluded flowers, tucked in the woods, that i have been dying to shoot in since i first stumbled upon them. turns out that they only bloom in the spring and i missed my chance. here's looking forward to next year!

my lovely best friend and i hiked around in the sweltering heat to find something to shoot in and this is the aftermath. honestly, really liking some of these photos and i hope you do too!

photography by KADEN QUINN
model meaghan