chairs | louisville

imagine: two well-dressed, high class people walking home when they come across four glorious, abandoned recliners.

this shoot was the second shoot where i had a full, conceptualized idea about the theme and colors i wanted to emanate. the location was too awesome not to jump in and be a model myself.

color: earth tones (blue, green, tan)
look: industrial, abandoned
conversation: contrast, class

photography by KADEN QUINN and Ruby Lestrange
model ruby, jonah, cat

thanks for sharing this location with me, doc

ruby | red

a sam meyer’s cleaners recently went out of business in my neighborhood and when i saw that the light up sign was on the ground, i immediately knew i had to shoot with it. i had a feeling it wouldn’t be there for long so i called up my friend and we shot the next day. spoiler alert: the sign’s still there.

this is my very first shoot where i had a conceptualized idea of how i wanted the shoot to look. this shoot was also shot entirely through a brown, plastic grocery bag!

color: red, gold
look: grunge, decrepit; superstar
conversation: duality, contrast

photography by KADEN QUINN
model ruby